Downtown St Louis: An Elegant City with History and Art

May 25-26, 2015
We arrived at St. Louis Downtown at the night of May 25. We checked in at City Center Hotel. The room was really big, but the carpet was so old and smelly. I booked it because of the price, so I had no right to complain.
Most of the stores were closed and many of the streets were empty at the time of we went out. Midnight on Wednesday was not exactly the best time to get a hint of vibe. However, the city view was dynamic because of the elegant lights.
This street in downtown had bars and restaurants with a beautiful street light.

night street view
All star game arch at night

Most of the buildings had these lightings, which made the architectures appear more classic and louis auditorium
building lit up at night

It was drizzling rain when we got there. street lights in st louis

The next morning, we visited Busch Stadium. I went to the third base entrance.

St Louis Cardinals 3rd base

There were about a dozen of statues of players.

cardinals sculpture

In the middle of the city, there was a small park with art sculptures. I later found out that this place is sculpture in downtown st louis

Big Suit is a sculpture by Erwin Wurm.
pink sculpture in st louis

In the park, there is a screen in a shape of a smartphone. It was like the one in New York Times Square but in a smaller size. I would have loved it more if the screen was more vivid. I thought a smartphone company should sponsor a screen. live screen in downtown st louis

The park also had a waterfall. I found out that this was a pool, because the sign said that the pool is currently closed. Behind the fountain is a restaurant cafe called The Terrace View.

water fountain in downtown st louis

Another sculpture in the park was Eros Bendato by Igor Mitoraj. Inside the sculpture was empty, which gave me an urge to go inside and see what it feels like inside. I decided not to go inside, because it’s an art work that could be damaged.

Eros Bendato (1999), by Igor Mitoraj, on exhibition in Kraków, Poland in st louis downtown

I am a big fan of Disney and I was thrilled to see a sculpture of Pinocchio. pinocchio sculpture in downtown st louis

An architecture building right next to the Citygarden.architecture in st louis

The City Hall of St. Louis appears to be one the antique architecture building in downtown.

City hall building in st louis

The Stan Musial Veterans’s Bridge view as we were leaving the town.

Stan Musial Veterans’s Bridge in st louis

Sunset view on the highway.

night view at sunsetI drove back to Champaign from St. Louis on Thursday. My low level of cold tolerance and not having enough warm clothes kept me from capturing great views on my camera. I am planning to make another trip to St. Louis just to capture the night views of the town. Take a camera and capture great architecture buildings and street views. While you are there, you can also enjoy baseball, history, art, and more.


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