Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park in Millington, TN

May 25, 2015
After a good night sleep at Sheraton Downtown Memphis hotel, we started our journey to St. Louis. But before leaving Tennessee, we decided to stop by at a forest to breathe in some fresh air. We left Memphis around 2, so we needed to get to a place before it gets too dark outside.  The closest state park from Memphis was Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. It only took us 40 minutes to get to the destination from Downtown Memphis.

forest road in spring

As we drove into the woods, I was bewildered by the view of tree branches coiled like a wire. When we arrived to the point where we thought was a good place to stop, I stepped out of the car and noticed a branch hanging down from a tree. I could not decide if this was a snake or a metal piece. Amazingly, it was a tree branch. It looked like someone tried to alter the shape, but there were too many of those so I came to conclude that it wasn’t the case. tree branches that looks like a wire

Another objects attracted my sight were empty acorn cupules lying between leaves and branches.empty acorns

The forest had a playground, but the slides were too rusty. There were way too many insects that were either flying or crawling. playground inside forestHowever, when I squat down and looked very closely, I saw these beautiful plants. I zoomed in my camera to capture them. The actual size of the flower was about a size of a finger nail. This unfamiliar specie was every where around the playground.

small plant flower on a playground

There was a cut-down trunk right next to the playground. I was curious why anyone would cut it down, because the trunk was too small to be of any harm.

cut down tree trunk in a forest

We turned around from the playground and saw a lake. We went down a hill and faced a lake view (could be a river). The cabin appeared to be empty and the dock was an antique.

lake inside forest

That was not the only cabin we saw in the forest. house reflection trees nature

Driving out of the woods, I had to rush and grab my camera to capture this marvelous reflection of the sky. sky reflection

In the forest, there was a store with a freezer outside. I had not seen one like this since I left Korea 10 years ago. Although the building was a bit run-down, I started reminiscing my childhood.

shelby forest general store

Toward the end of the forest, we encountered a horse farm. horse ranch nature Although Meeman-Shelby Forest is not as grandioso or eye-opening as other national parks, its own atmosphere is worth a praise. The playground is not the destination you should look forward to, but there is a bike trail and picnic areas. So you don’t have to be a great hiker to visit the park.


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