The Great Arch: A Monument to the Westward Expansio

March 26, 2015
When I saw the Great Arch from the town, I could not believe there is a way up that architecture. Once we purchased a ticket to the observation deck at the top, we walked a few minutes to the arch.

the great arch in st louis under construction

on the way to the arch puddle reflecting the sky and trees

The Great Arch in St Louis

My shoes were tortured in muddy grass as I tried to get the middle of underneath the arch. The Great Arch from underneath

Just to enter the visitor center, people have to pay $3 per person. I personally would recommend to get a $10 ticket to take the tram up to the top, because the underground center had only souvenir shops opened at the time of my visit. We were allowed to enter the visitor center 30 minutes before our actual tour time.

The Great Arch from the ground at the entrance

The Great Arch construction information

They were giving out tickets that were numbered assigning us to one of 7 trams. We got to the line at 3:50 PM, but the wait was about 20 minutes.
The tram number ticket to the great arch

As you might have seen in the pictures of the outside, the place is under a major construction.When we purchased souvenirs, they asked us to donate a dollar, which we did. we're renovating sign in the great arch visitor center

The door to the tram was very low that we had to bend waist to enter the tram. There were five seats in each.getting on a tram at the great arch

When I got to the top, my fear escalated as I felt the arch swaying a bit from the wind. We had to lean over to the window to get a good look, and I had to ask my friend to take the pictures for me.

view from the great arch

a view from the great arch

a view from the great arch

a view from the great arch

a view from the great arch

a view from the great arch

The Busch Stadium is also visible from the deck.view from the great arch busch stadium

We were allowed to stay there as long as we wanted until it closes, but I felt too sick staying up there. I rushed into the line to go down.
before getting on the tram on the top of the great arch
the tram ride at the great arch

We were one of the last ones at the visitor center. It was interesting to see the place when it was packed and when it was empty.before exiting the great arch visitor center

The Great Arch is like the Statue of Liberty, but way up high. The observation deck was 630 feet above the ground. If you are acrophobic or claustrophobic, then it is not a good idea to go up the arch. But you can still visit the underground and the Old Courthouse.


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